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Students in special classes “Do not spend in regular classes more than half”??

--MEXT notification crush a good practice of inclusive Education ---

 April 27th, 2022, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology announced a notification on the Exchange and Joint Learning for Students with and without Disabilities. This learning is an educational activity that students in special classes and students in the regular classes learn together.


  The notification states that students in the special class must not spend their time in regular class more than half of their school time. The students have to receive an individual instrument for conquering their disabilities in the special class. The Ministry may think that children with disabilities should pay attention to acquire proper knowledge, skills, and attitude to conquer their disabilities.

 But this measure is drastically opposed to the CRPD. The Generation Comment No.4 of CRPD enunciates the importance of living with disabled children and non-disabled children and providing individual support in a regular class. The Ministry must stop the policies which promote segregation.

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