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Court Ignores the CRPD:

A child with disabilities was rejected to enroll a regular school.

●Outline of the Case

     Kazuki, who have entered special school in April 2018, and his parents sued Kawasaki city and Kanagawa prefecture on July 11th, 2018. They argued that refusal to enter regular school in his community is illegal.

     Kazuki has been diagnosed with congenital myopathy. He has weak muscles so that he uses the wheelchair, ventilator, and phlegm aspiration device. He needs medical care at school.

     His parents wanted him to go to regular school in his community, and his doctor says it is capable for him. They applied in November 2017. But the educational board of Kawasaki alleged that he needed special training in a special school in February 2018, and in March Kanagawa prefecture designated a special school as a school where he should enroll. His father strongly appealed over the first oral argument, "Why the educational board of Kawasaki decides that special school is the only choice that he can stay relieved and safe?".

●The First Trial Decision

     At the first trial in March 2020, the Yokohama District Court rejected the plaintiff's claim that it was illegal to designate the special school as an enrollment.

     This judicial decision did not mention the Convention on Rights of Person with Disabilities. It did not consider how Kazuki study at regular school. The decision also ignored the processes of consensus formation which has been argued in the examination of a witness.

     Some observers said, "In Hokkaido, there were cases that some children transferred from special schools to regular schools. Why not in Kawasaki?".

Summary of Decision



・NHKハートネットテレビ「ぼくは学校に行きたい ~医療的ケア児とインクルーシブ教育~」記事公開日:2020年03月13日



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・2020年12月31日 ダイヤモンド・オンライン「普通学校の医療的ケア児受け入れ、川崎市でなく世田谷区で可能だった理由」福原麻希


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