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Data on the issue of special education in Japan


illustrated by Yorari

  CP chan introduces basic data on Special  Education in Japan which is retrogressing with Inclusive Education. Data will revise at every autumn


CRPD defines that segregated education is NOT inclusive education and state that it is a principle to learn together in the same regular class. But education is promoting the number of special schools and special classes as a “cascade system”in Japan, which is against the philosophy of Inclusive Education. As result, there is an ongoing situation that retrogresses CRPD by increasing the number of segregated facilities. This is bad policy.  

○number of students in elementary, middle, high school (A). vs. special school(B)


○move-in(red).vs. move-out(blue)

students in special school (Bー2)


○number of students in special class (C)


○ number of students in "tsu-kyu"(D)

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