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参照:毎日新聞、「障害者の高校不合格 文科省はまず実態調査を」,(2020年11月21日社説 東京朝刊)

Request Survey on Rejection of Students with Disabilities by High Schools

☆The Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities requires nations to ensure inclusive education throughout their lives. The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) should immediately conduct a nationwide survey on the number of students who are rejected by high schools and make efforts to eliminate that situation in order to ensure the right of learning of people with disabilities.

In Japan, there is no end to the number of high schools which reject students with disabilities despite of their enough qualification.

Many students with intellectual disabilities and medical care(manipulating venerator etc.) are often rejected on entering high schools.

In 1984, the Ministry of Education ordered educational boards to reform ableism in order to ensure opportunities of learning.

It depends on high schools and municipalities whether they are accepted or not.

According to the survey by the Ministry of Education, 32 prefectures say “we may reject students.” while 15 prefectures say “we generally don’t reject”.

reference source:

Mainichi Shinbun, editorial article, November 21st 2020.



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